One Month

Well, time has, but now that there is only one month left reality is really setting in.

I have been able to hang out with my friends more but so many of them are leaving on long vacations and that means that I won’t be able to see them until Christmas time.

One friend in particular has literally been such a help these past few weeks. Not only have we gone on late night walks to have venting sessions, but we have hung out and just kind of chilled. It is so much better than sitting home alone. He leaves this Saturday and won’t be back until school starts up for him. So, yeah. It is going to be a tad bit stinky.

Also, I really feel conflicted inside. I don’t like to say goodbye, but I want to start this new adventure. I am happy to go explore a new place and meet new people, but I love the old ones so much (no matter how crappy they can be at times).

I am trying to stay positive, but with each goodbye that I have to say, I start to think about whether or not I will see these homies again. Dang. I guess this comes with the territory of leaving.

Well… Here’s to those who have to say “goodbye!” It is hard enough, so let’s look onward.

Not What You Think

A few nights ago I had the privilege of co-hosting a going away party for a best friend. His name is Mikael and he was leaving back for Iceland. During the party there were several stories told and some serious laughter sessions.

Anyways… At one point, around the bonfire, Mikael was talking about how Iceland received its name and how Greenland received its name. Contrary to common belief, the Vikings did not name them opposite on purpose or to trick people.

Here is the real story.

There was a Viking who set sail to find new land. On three separate occasions he released a raven in order to see his proximity to land. The first raven he released flew behind the boat, meaning that they were traveling away from land. The second stayed with the boat, so he knew that the location of the boat was in the middle of the ocean. The third and final raven flew ahead of the boat, meaning that they were coming close to land. The land they encountered under the direction of the raven was Iceland. It was during a harsh snow storm when he encountered the typically lush land. Yes, they saw ice on Iceland.

Now for Greenland, there were other explorers who came to it during a warm period. They saw a lush green land – thus calling it Greenland. “They didn’t see the huge glacier that covers the whole damn land.” (To quote Mikael)

Now you know!

Well, in the end, it was very difficult to part ways with him, because he is freaking fantastic! But it isn’t “goodbye”, it is only “see you later.”

Here’s to friends! Especially foreign ones that question American culture and make hysterical faces!

*chin tickle*

Being Sneaky

Even though they took place over a month ago, AP tests are becoming relevant again. These scores are supposed to be released on July 5th and 6th. This is a pretty big deal because these tests determine whether or not you will receive college credit.

So… Being sneaky – more like using my resources – I was able to find out my scores early!

You see, each year you can have your scores sent to one college. This year I had them sent to BYU (the university which I will be attending this Fall). On the BYU website you can see your previous AP scores and other transferred credits. It was a pleasant surprise to see that this year’s AP scores were already posted! IT WAS FANTASTIC!

The wait was over. The stress was relieved. The happiness was taking over.

Let’s just say that because of AP credits and transferred credits, I am lucky enough to be a second semester Sophomore. Yup. Talk about crazy!

So… Here’s to colleges! Well, only the ones that let you be sneaky and find out things before you are supposed to! *wink wink*

Working Like a Mom

Yesterday, I was for sure playing the role of a modern day mom.

You see, my momma had dental surgery and was pretty much out of it for the whole day. I wanted to make her as comfortable as possible and help her out like how she has helped me so many times before. That being said, I was cleaning, cooking, and helping her in whatever way possible, like a mom.

Also, I had to work crazy work hours yesterday. It started in the morning with one job, only to return in time to get cleaned up for the day, and help my mom when she came home from the surgery. (My dad took her there and back.) Then, I stayed and helped and did everything a mom does until 1:30 when my dad came home – then I was off to another job, until 4:00 for a dental appointment. Right after that I came home and made dinner, then headed back to work until 11:30. Yes 11:30 PM. Needless to say, it was a rough day.

The moral of the story? Thousands of women do this every day! She cares for her sick children, shuffle her schedules with her husband’s, possibly works two jobs to make ends meet, and then does everything a mom does. IT IS INSANE!

So, here’s to all the working moms out there! Your job is tough, but thank you for doing it.

And, if you are not a working mom, please try to help out those that are. Even if it is for a 30 minute break, it’ll be appreciated beyond belief.

Laughs. Smiles. Tears.

How to Train Your Dragon 2 is down right AMAZING!

It was part of the father’s day gift we gave my poppa and boy did we all enjoy it!

Not only do you stay on your toes the whole time, but the animation is mind blowing! Every little detail is phenomenal! It is a definite improvement from the first movie.

Now, don’t get me wrong, I love the first movie! SO MUCH! But this second surpassed all of my expectations!

Not only is it family friendly, but anyone who sees this movie will find something to laugh and smile about! There are so many clever one liners and even more funny story lines.

On the other hand, there are some seriously touching moments. Yes, I admit it – I cried like a baby… but it was worth it.

So, here’s to everyone who contributed to How to Train Your Dragon 2! IT IS STUPENDOUS! Thank you.

Yup – It Happened

You guessed it! Okay, maybe not… but I am no longer a high school student! Why? GRADUATION! YUP YUP!

I expected that I would get all emotional and cry, but you know what? I didn’t shed a single tear. Sure, I got a little teary eyed, but that was it. That only occurred when I started talking to Sra. Armstrong (my Spanish teacher).

Oh and the people who I sat by, Mikael (the Icelandic exchange student) and Cameron (A kid I only met today), are super cool. We rehearsed shaking hands and receiving our diplomas… let me tell you – it is harder than it looks. haha. These two gents both made graduation fun and after we walked quality high fives were exchanged. There was much laughter shared and many smiles to be had. 

Also, the speeches were pretty great! They were very motivational and from the heart. It was awesome.

Lastly, I was able to talk to a lot of people for probably the last time ever. I mean, I want to not say “goodbye” to some, but others, I think it is time we part ways.

Now is the start to a complete new portion of my life! Am I scared? NO WAY! It’s time to see what adventures are in store!

So… Here’s to all the graduates out there! You did it! And to all those who are getting there – FINISH STRONG!

Coming to a Close

Tomorrow is the day that the past 4 years have led up to! GRADUATION!

Who would have thought that this day would ever come!? Definitely not me…

This day is bitter sweet, like it is to most people.

Bitter because I have made so many great friends in the past two years and saying “goodbye” will be difficult for sure.

Sweet because now, I have the opportunity to go and conquer the world! But, maybe I might conquer Mars??? Who knows…

So, here’s to all of you stepping into a new phase of your lives! Whether you are graduating, changing jobs, starting a job, finding new friends, joining a club, whatever it is, BEST OF LUCK! And go live your dreams!

Love Always,


Track and Field Banquet

Tonight I had a super cool opportunity to attend my final High School Track and Field banquet/dinner. Although I couldn’t eat any of the food, it was seriously a great time.

Not only did they hand out academic awards, varsity letters, and acknowledge all the kids who qualified for the state competition, but the coaches chose four Seniors (one Junior who is an exchange student) to talk about and give special recognition to. They spoke of these girls’ best qualities and why they were a key part of the track team. It was very sentimental.

And you guessed it – I was one of them.

It was super overwhelming when they called my name. I had no clue that they would call me up, but they did. Even before my turn, when my best friend Becca was being talked about, I started getting teary eyed. So, when it was my turn, I could not make eye contact with anyone because I would just burst into tears. Man – I get my emotional side from my Momma… And after the dinner was finished, I went to say goodbye to my coach. He was like a grandpa to me and he taught me how to jump! I seriously learned what I enjoyed most – which is Triple Jump. It was hard to accept the fact that this year is coming to an end, but everything has to run its course and mine is heading down the home stretch.

Anywho… I really am going to miss Track. It has been a great four years, two with this team, and I wouldn’t trade my experience for the world. I love Track and Field. SO MUCH.

So… Here’s to Track and Field! And here’s to coaches! Without you guys, we athletes couldn’t do it!

“I’d be happy with three.”

Being the youngest has its perks for sure, but sometimes you question why you were the last born…

A few months ago, when my whole family was together, we started talking about how many kids each of my parents wanted. This was already a weird conversation, but trust me, it changes moods quickly.

My mom said that she wanted 6 kids, but that she gained some sense and was happy with four.

My dad on the other hand said, “I’d be happy with three.”

Being the fourth child – I literally did not know what to feel. My siblings immediately busted out in laughter, and my mom had to ridicule him in order to get a “but I really appreciate four” kind of deal out of him. Yup.

So, here’s to the fourth and the youngest children! Let’s stick together and one up our predecessors! *fist bump*

Derision aka Catcalling

Today, during third period, so Office Aide, I had to deliver a note to my English teacher’s classroom. This class is known for the boys who always try to “one-up” each other. These boys are fine when they are by themselves, but when they are together it is becomes a free for all. They cannot be controlled.

That being said, today was like every other, but instead of trying to make one another laugh by using each other, they decided to use me.

“Hey pretty thing. I don’t think it’s going to work out because we hardly see each other anymore.”

Excuse me, but I have never spoken to you before in my life, so leave me alone. Thank you very much.

So, if you are a male, please think before you try to make a girl the topic of your joke.

Here’s to… well, I don’t really know… so here’s to sunshine! Yup. Sunshine – because it brings light and warmth.