On The Battlefield

Two words. Laser Tag.

Last night I went laser tagging with some of my homies and it was fantastic!

We had two, thirty minute games and about a 5 minute break in between the two. The course was two stories and had some great hiding places. Even though you could spend a minute without seeing one, it was extremely difficult to catch your breath. So, those 5 minutes of off time were very valuable. Not only because you could talk to your friends without fearing getting shot, but so you could regain composure.

Some of the people in the group were very into the game, but others were not even breaking a sweat. Our number one player was so into the game that he didn’t even acknowledge his girlfriend when she tried to talk to him…. Yeah. That really happened…. But, in the end, it was great to spend some time with some chill people.

So, here’s to laser tag! For creating a fun workout and a fun bonding, “life risking” activity!


Calm Down!

Here at BYU it is as if 95% of the single female population is obsessed with the idea of marriage. Everywhere I go I hear girls talking about boys. This would not be a problem, but when it happens all of the time, it become excessive and unnecessary.

First off, I know a girl who has changed who she “likes” about 10 times this semester. The three month mark has not even hit yet. Also, she asks for advice on what to do. For instance, she asked me if she should confess her feelings for this one guy and see if he feels the same way. First things first, this boy, at least to me, is creepy and clingy. So, I advised her to wait it out. There is no need in rushing into things. If you can be a friend with a guy first and prove to him that you have something to offer, then you will get along better if anything more than friendship arises. Did she listen to my advice? No. And now she doesn’t like the guy anymore and everything is a hot mess.

**cough cough I told you so cough cough**

Secondly, one of my roommates told me she is experiencing “single girl blues.” She says that she does not know why “everyone” is finding a significant other and she is not. Now, she has been on several dates, with several guys. I have not even been asked on one single date (which does not bother me at all). Things could be worse, hun. Then, she claims to not know whether or not she “likes” a guy or whether not he “likes” her back. Freaking calm down. Boys are not the world. Yes, I understand that you usually have a boyfriend, but there is no need to get desperate.


Now – relationships should not be rushed into. When they are it usually leads to heartbreak. Take a chill pill and relax. There is a time and place for everything. Just because you don’t have a significant other now, you won’t die. Trust me. Please. That way, I don’t have to wipe the stupid tears from your face which would not be there if you listened. Just saying, honey bunch.

So, here’s to those who are happy in their current relationship situation! Keep doing what you are doing, and please try to knock some sense into those who are aboard the crazy train. Please. I don’t want to beg… but PLEASE!!!

Thanks Little Carrot Boy

Today, school was a little sad. In Sociology we are talking about poverty… In History we are talking about the Civil War. Let’s just say that when you are talking about children starving and people dying that you start to feel it.

Well, I was walking home today with my friend/cousin-in-law Liz (Side story: We found out we have a cousin in common. Her Uncle is my Aunt’s husband. So, in other words, we are related by one family, she is from the Dad’s side and me from the Mom’s.). We were walking past this field and there was a little boy and girl playing in it. (Yes, their parents were close by, but obviously not paying attention to them…) But as we walked pasted, we noticed that the little boy was chewing on his hand. Or so we thought.

As he wore a little puffy vest, he was also eating a carrot. When we walked past, we said, “Hey!” and waved. He waved back with and had a huge smile on his face. It made all those depressing thoughts fade away.

So, here’s to the little carrot boy! Thanks for making my depressing day better.

Nobody’s Plan B

“I ain’t nobody’s plan B. Either you choose me, or you loose me.” -Adande Thorne (aka Swoozie)

If you are in a friendship where you are giving and giving, with nothing coming back to you, as yourself one question: Is it worth it?

You see, I have never really had a ton of friends. I more have had few really great friends and a lot of acquaintances. This hasn’t been an issue, until now, when all the greats are gone. Yes, I still talk to them, and yes I am trying to reach out and meet new people, but it is different. Every time I put forth an effort, and try to be a friend, nothing is returned. Nothing.

So, as I have been graciously advised to do, I advise you: Do not care about people more than they will ever care about you. If you are being treated poorly, then get out. You do not need that in your life. There are better people out there who will love and care for you in the same ways that you will love and care for them.

Here’s to the great friends! They are hard to find, but once you do, they will never let go of you, and you of them.

Only When They Fall

“You’ll only see the stars when they fall like rain.”

After discovering a new song, I tend to blare it for hours on end, for several days, until the newness fades away. Right now, I am listening to Netzwerk by Klangkarussell and it is helping me get out of this slump.

Right now, I am questioning everything.

Where should I go? What should I do? Who should I be friends with? How on earth is this going to work? When am I going to find happiness?

So, as I sit here in bed, I think things through and contemplate my options. The songs, like Netzwerk, help me to clear my mind and start to release the bad energy cooped up inside.

So, here’s to music and its therapeutic abilities!

Who needs those people when you have music?

The Shut Down Store

A few days ago, while traveling to a restaurant to eat out with my Uncle Jim, he recounted a story of a store which had gone out of business. Little did I know that this would be downright hysterical!

The store’s name: Furnish It.

Yep. Furnish*t.

I busted out laughing while recounting the story to my parents. Then, when we were pulling into my apartment complex, my brother said something which could be used with the S-bomb. (Typically my family and I refrain from swearing…)

Anyways, I had to take up the opportunity, so I said “Oh Furnish It!”


Here’s to Furnish It! And here’s to clever names! I wish it was still open just so I could shop there…. Oh well.

Whilst Covered in Milk

Today, my second day of work at a campus dining all you can eat facility, I showed up 5 minutes early and for the next five hours it was non stop. Anyways, my position is called a host. As a host I restock dishes, clean tables, mop, sweep, prep foods, refill drink machines, and do whatever needs to be done.

Since it was Saturday, it was especially busy. Right from the moment I walked in I was running around the facility trying to make everything happen. About 15 minutes in, there were several complaints about the milk machine being empty. Now, refilling these machines is not easy. There are 6 bags of milk in boxes and there are several steps to take in order to make the machine function properly. Including lifting the box back into the machine which is pretty dang tall.

Well, during this ordeal of replacing all 6 milks, my best friend’s ex-boyfriend came up to me and gave me a very awkward side hug. First off, their relationship ended poorly and secondly, this kid is the same kid who gave me a cold shoulder whenever I would talk to Claire and he was around. But that isn’t even the real kicker. He got my name wrong. Yup. True story.

On that note…

Here’s to insanity at work! It happens to us all at some point, but when it comes we shouldn’t panic.

And here’s to crazy things happening! Storytelling is always fun. haha

P.S. I have now had this blog for 365 days!

The Long Awaited

Life is hectic. Change is hard. Growing up ain’t for sissies.

This past week has been sheer insanity. Not only have I traveled hundreds of miles, but I have moved into my new home for the next year. Also, I found another job (which starts tomorrow) and have blown through hard earned summer paychecks. Needless to say, it is a little crazy.

This moment, of being moved out, was one I looked forward to with much excitement and anticipation. Now that it is here, I feel nervous and hesitant. At one point I even considered dropping out and going home, then I remembered that besides my parents, there is nothing for me back in Oregon. Of course, like after every mental breakdown, I find a sane resting point, which I am glad to be in.

So, if you are like me – freaking out about something which isn’t a big deal – take some deep breaths, smile, and just take it as it comes. YOU WILL BE OKAY!

Here’s to life’s crazy times! In 10 years, the big deals will seem like little things.

Waiting for the Signal

When participating in a track meet, a swimming meet, or even The Kentucky Derby a gun fire signals the start of the next few seconds or minutes of your life. The moment when the gun goes off can be frightening, relieving, or even unexpected. In the end, it marks a beginning, a time when you can fail, be average, succeed, or blow everyone’s expectations out of the water.

The gun fire which will mark my next adventure is the start of a car. It will be tomorrow morning, maybe even before the sun rises. No matter what, it will be the beginning of my new adventure!

Yup! You guessed it! I’m off to school in a different state, time zone, and elevation. Now, let’s just say that I’m a little nervous, but then again, who isn’t? Thousands of kiddos just like me are leaving home and heading out to some distant place feeling the exact same way I am.

So, in the end, here’s to starting! It just takes one signal and you’re off!

To the Finish

As this summer comes to a close, it seems as if my to do list has quadrupled. Not only do I need to earn those last few paychecks, pack my entire life into two suitcases and a few small boxes, and gut out my entire room only to stow it away, but I have to create some sort of mental stability, and maintain sanity as everything changes.

That’s right! I’m going off to college in less than a week! Moving in after the next 9 days! And starting school just after Labor Day! Let’s just say that these single digit numbers are making me gain a more serious perspective.

About three months ago, just after graduation, I was saying, “Oh my goodness, why is summer passing so slowly. I just want to move out already!” Now that summer has FLOWN BY, my mind cannot wrap around the fact that before the month closes, I will be starting the craziest adventure of my life!

So, if you are worried about what lies in front of you, just realize that there is not much you can do to control what happens. So, take some deep breaths and jump in! You will be alright. God only gives you what you can handle.

Here’s to adventures! Whether big or small, they can causes anxiety, but you will be okay!